Experienced Frontend Developer in the past Fullstack Developer.

Started programming at age of nine, when he tried to create THE GAME on Commodore 64. That didn’t happen but he started to dive into computers, programming, and stuff.

When Web started to appear in his country, he believed that this platform is his future and he started to gain skills in web programming.

He starts from PHP, JS, HTML and well when CSS appears he looked into it too (“Yes, I know the pain when CSS didn’t exist” - he complains). In time he switched PHP to Phyton, and then to Java.

When NodeJS appeared, he dropped Java for JS programming on both: Frontend and Backend. Currently, Przemysław is working as a Frontend Developer for Videolicious from NY, builds, as it is not surprising, frontend of Videolicious applications and “I have a lot of fun with it because I love it!” - tells with shine in his eyes and smile on his face.


Frontend Developer at Videolicious.


Mostly I work as frontend developer in the past for many customers. You can find more details in LinkedIn.


You can find my code on github.

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