I made a mistake

I configured Webpack for an app, not for library and that was the mistake I made. Start your own JavaScript library using webpack and ES6 post was very helpful and Authoring Libraries from Webpack documentation. I changed Webpack’s configuration. SimpleDebugger can be used as <script> tag in a browser.

What else I changed

I extracted Logger

I changed conception and SimpleDebugger is whole library now. For now, it has only Logger module. Logger is tool for logging the messages like SimpleDebugger was. So functionally nothing is changed.

ClassNames refactor

I refactored ClassNames and every class is written in kebab-case.


I’ve changed code Demo. SimpleDebugger is loaded as a global variable. You can play with it, e.g.:

var myLogger = new SimpleDebugger.Logger(0);

myLogger.add('Testing... Testing...');