Why simple project as SimpleDebugger needs CI?

Answer is simple.

  • I what to learn something new
  • CI is not so much known topic for me
  • for fun!

Why I chose CircleCI?

I didn’t want use TravisCi

  • I saw TravisCi in many projects on Github
  • I think I will use it in some other project
  • I wanted something new for me


It is very easy to start working with it. I don’t quite remember what things must be done but there is the reason for it. CircleCI needs a config file and connection with project repository. Of course, you need to register on CircleCI.

I made mistake and CircleCI gives me some errors at the start. It was my fault. I didn’t changed needed version of nodeJS in config file. When I fixed it CircleCI just started!

I added integration with Slack. When I commit something I get a message on Slack about the results from CircleCI. It is AWESOME!

I added badges to README file. It shows the status of branches master and develop.

Fun Fun Function

I saw series about CI on Fun Fun Function channel on Youtube. You can watch it too: Continuous Integration - What’s the point?. Fun Fun Function is great show of @mpj. He is talking a lot about JavaScript but it isn’t only one thing which he talks about. You definitely should give him a try and watch some movie.

Things to do

  • add Code Coverage
  • Create github page

Things I done