Demo Page

I prepared Demo Page for testing and adding new features purposes.

I prepared two npm scripts:

  • the first for building Demo Page files - build:demo
  • the second for running the dev server - start:demo

Scripts using Webpack which use config file prepared for Demo Page. I just duplicated config/dev.js file and made some changes in it (Added Demo - config file).

Scrollable Main Container

The problem with height of Main Container

In Main Container appears all messages. When a message was added or deleted then the height of Main Container actualized. It was possible to cover all page’s content when Main Container had many messages.

How did I fix the problem?

I thought that the Main Container should have a fixed height and that it should be scrollable. This solved the problem of covering the content of the page by SimpleDebugger.

Things to do

  • add CI
  • add Code Coverage
  • Create github page

Things I done

  • Create demo page
  • Fix Main Container: Now it enlarges and would cover all window view