Gulp and BrowserSync

I installed Gulp and plugins.

I did some configuration.

I installed BrowserSync.

Everything started work but I realized that I won’t have support for newest ECMAScript. So… I’ve installed Babel and gulp plugin for it. And there started trouble.

I wanted that SimpleDebugger should be easily used in projects without dependencies needed to install. I want rid of jQuery. I love jQuery. The reason for ridding of it is that I don’t want that SimpleDebugger had any dependencies.

Bundle won’t work

The bundled file, prepared by Babel, just didn’t work in a browser. I dropped Babel after hours of figuring out how to fix it.

Today I started thinking that I should use Babel with Webpack. I will go that way. I think I will not need Gulp anymore and that is sad. I spend some time to configure Gulp. I think Gulp is the great tool and really easy to use.

So… Maybe Webpack will be helpful

Maybe I think about Webpack as a hard to use is that I do not really know how it should be configured. I know that Webpack is really powerful.

I want also use BrowserSync which I think is really cool and useful.

Things to do

Things done

Things I didn’t do

  • It has one dependency - jQuery and I will rid of it.