My Cookbook

My Cookbook is a digital cookbook and pantry.

In the Pantry, you can track the number of your ingredients.

Based on the contents of your Pantry Cookbook shows which dish you can prepare immediately. Dishes are marked when there is lack of some ingredients. There is shown which ingredient is lack of and how many of it.

I used Ionic v1.

Migration from Ionic v1 to v3

I think Ionic v3 is stable version of this framework and I will use it for app. I don’t want go with the newest 4th version for now. It has RC when I publish this post. I will struggle with many new things for me in v3 like “new” Angular.

I will build app upon one of the templates called super. So I generated app with this template and then I will add functionalities from old code to the new one.


My Cookbook repo is on Bitbucket. It is public so you can go there and look into my code.